Change your desktop within a few clicks ;)

There’s this really interesting application brought us by Yahoo! Corporation. I’ve been testing it for a while since yesterday. It’s called Yahoo! Widget Engine, the name is self-explanatory, with this program you can add nice widgets eye candies to your own desktop based on windows operating systems. It has so many features and sorts of widgets for sure! The only thing I didn’t like much was that although it’s an impressive eye candy for those who’s got enough of their same old visual environment it takes some memory so if you’re considering to use it on your pc you’d better have at least 512mb ram in order to make your pc run better even though the Yahoo! Widgets are running. Besides that, it’s all ok… You can add, for example, a nice calendar to your desktop or maybe you feel like adding a cpu and ram memory metter, you can do so! Give it a try and tell me =) I’m not publishing the program’s url due to copyright stuff. But.. who really needs a link for a program’s url after man has created Google search engine?? =)
And… Why am i writting all this in english?? I don’t actually even know why i’m writting down on this blog once again, but if i’m doing so i’ll do it in english ‘cuz it allows me to make myself clear to much more people all over the internet. Above you can see 2 screenshots taken from my desktop runnin’ the Yahoo! Widget Engine stuff.


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