My Top 10 Apps

Hey’all wazzup ?

This lil list comprises my favorite apps, which i’m more likely to use on a daily basis. Besides, I wanted to try one of ubuntu v7.10 gutsy most interesting new features, that is: apt://

So, here’s my big list anyway. I’ll prolly feel like sorting it alphabetically, please nevermind the order of the items listed bellow.

1. Brasero – This one really rocks! I love usin’ it, it just works for me. Brasero

2. Stardict – I’ve recently came across this one and i’m really enjoying the experience. It’s simple and fast, though I think it should have a better dictionary management, the installing and removing dictionaries you know ? Stardict

3. MPlayer & VLC – Well.. Ok.. These are two different programs… I know… I’ll put ’em together ‘cuz both just do their job painlessly and I love ’em. I might split this item in two until I get this list done… VLC and MPlayer

4. Deluge – A great bittorrent client. I’ve had a few issues with updated versions but nothing too scary… There’s nothing an apt-get uninstall then apt-get install wouldn’t fix! LOL But then it’d just be like, hey this is not a good feature in the program, it’s a feature of your OS, well, yes, but… I gotta take the environment (OS, apps, personal preference, etc) as a whole. Deluge

5. Google Earth – This app doesn’t need comments, it just kicks ass! I love viewing the Swiss Alps 😉 Google Earth

6. Skype – This is another software I fuckin’ praise 🙂 Btw, webcam support is already available! Poor, but available… Skype

7. Firefox – Do I even need to comment on this one ??? Ok, this is the bestest piece of *free* (ok, it’s mozilla’s browser, yet I don’t need to pay for it…) software in the whole list, and hell yes it should be in the 1st position… Firefox

Before I get this list done, I’d like to say that numbers 8 and 9 *REALLY* need some working around, I use ’em ‘cuz there’s no way out…

8. Pidgin – A good-looking chat program. It also supports lots of protocols. Pidgin

9. aMSN – A msn client with more features (webcam, offline messaging, custom emoticons, etc) aMSN




One thought on “My Top 10 Apps

  1. I would like to state that it wasn’t possible to test out the apt:// feature ‘cuz wordpress’ being stupid and never lets me put links the way I want to… I hope they’ll get this fixed asap!

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