There goes the past

Fonte Nova

I’m really really really pissed off today. Last night I was told they’re going to demolish our so famous stadium because they find it better to build a new one instead of fixing the old one. Here’s my 2 cents… I think brazilians have no respect to their country, they’d rather see a new building over one within its own history. There’s been an accident recently which got around 8 people dead and some more wounded. The accident took place during a game in Fonte Nova stadium, our local and most famous stadium at Salvador – Bahia.

Now I was told they’re going to demolish such a beauty and build a new one – their excuse being that it would cost the same thing to either repair or build an all new stadium. It’s not a matter of price, in my opinion, the real value of that stadium consists of its history. Great soccer players (ie, Pelé) have played there and now our government’s about to destroy part of our history.

Funny that my friends actually laughed at me when i compared the stadium to landmarks such as Cristo Redentor in Rio de Janeiro, or the Copan Building in São Paulo, or even our so loved Barra Lighthouse. They have no love for a thing that’s just there in front of their eyes, and being demolished soon! I mean, why would they give so much love to Cristo Redentor when they can’t even recognize how beautiful OUR patrimony is? And their love towards a landmark outside our state, is it of any worth at all? I don’t really think so. You must love yourself before you even think of starting to love other people. Love your house before loving your neighbor’s. That’s what I think.

I would really like that people in this country had a little more respect towards the country itself. Sometimes it feels like we’re here for nothing. So please, SAVE OUR HISTORY! Keep things as beauty (or even odd) as they are! Lets make things better, not new! I’d like to get older and see that stadium and be able to tell my children (which I ain’t got so far! lol) that stadium is like 100 years old. I would love telling them it was one of the things that stole my heart the first time I’d been in this city. It won’t happen, people won’t rememeber though. From now on Brazil has no long-term memory… It has never had anyway…
As usual, talking never works out, people will always forget and we’ll forever keep on walking at the same backwards pace we’ve been on since colonization times… Sad? Yes. True? Perhaps it depends on your point of view.


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