Drug Prohibition



18 thoughts on “Drug Prohibition

  1. this somewhat contradicts itself with the facts given and the term “harmless?” at the bottom of the picture. the reason why a million are rested are because of the harsh penalties that come from this harmless crime. wasted tax money for locking up these so called “criminals”. and money is given to violent enterprises for they are who distribute the herb, because of the vast amount of money that Cannabis Sativa can produce in a short amount of time. All of these negative aspects of Marijuana can be changed with one simple action…LEGALIZATION!


  3. you guys are dumb who dont get this ad its saying drug prohibition is dumb and that the gov is just fucking up
    people like you are the reason this shit aint legal not cause its bad just cause dumbasses give it a bad name way to FAIL

  4. its the Anti-DRUGWAR!!!! This is a positive poster that shows drug prohibition is bad and that weed needs to be legalize to end these problems… I’m disappointed in you fellow potheads for trying to put down this add.

    This add is trying to end the Drug Wars that occur because of illegal drug dealers fighting for dominance.

    It makes PERFECT sense. In only one year there were over 1 million people arrested for minor drug related crimes, which is a waste of taxpayer’s money (cuz we tax payers pay for the inmates in prison)and its saying that the only ones that benefit from this is “violent criminal enterprises” aka drug lords.

    Cool that DARE did something like this. =D

  5. dumbass i guess u guys really dont know your facts about weed…dont talk shit about it if u really dont know about it fuckin faggets

  6. damn people sure can argue on here haha but it is all about profits. just like how you can’t buy alcohol in a store on sunday. they claim the reason for that is that it’s a holy day yet if a restaraunt is willing to pay a thousand dollars for a special liscense they can serve it. its not about morals, its about money. our government is straight up bullshit we could be making some serious tax revenue off legalization and alcohol + driving don’t mix. there’s no point in prohibiting any drug. if there’s a supply, there’s a demand wether it’s legal or not people will do what they want in this country. and seriously who is the victim in the “crime” of smoking a joint. the tax payer wants you to be arrested for weed but they don’t want to pay to imprison you. it’s really just bullshit this country is supposetly the free-est… i think not. you should be able to do what you want as long as it harms no-one else.

    • that is THE BEST comment I’ve received so far, hands down. it wisely describes what lots of smart people around the world think but are too afraid to say. thank you!

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