A video player for human beings

## Here’s my input.conf file (odds commented out)

## MPlayer input control file

#RIGHT seek +10
#LEFT seek -10
#- audio_delay 0.100
#+ audio_delay -0.100
#q quit
#> pt_step 1
#< pt_step -1
#ENTER pt_step 1 1

MOUSE_BTN0 pause
MOUSE_BTN0_DBL vo_fullscreen
Read full MPlayer documentation at http://www.mplayerhq.hu/DOCS/man/en/mplayer.1.html

3.2 Control

MPlayer has a fully configurable, command driven, control layer which lets you control MPlayer with keyboard, mouse, joystick or remote control (using LIRC). See the man page for the complete list of keyboard controls.

3.2.1 Controls configuration

MPlayer allows you bind any key/button to any MPlayer command using a simple config file. The syntax consist of a key name followed by a command. The default config file location is $HOME/.mplayer/input.conf but it can be overridden using the -input conf option (relative path are relative to $HOME/.mplayer).


#### MPlayer input control file

##RIGHT seek +10

LEFT seek -10

- audio_delay 0.100

+ audio_delay -0.100

q quit

> pt_step 1

< pt_step -1

ENTER pt_step 1 1 Key names

You can have a full list by running mplayer -input keylist


  • Any printable character
  • TAB
  • CTRL
  • BS
  • DEL
  • INS
  • HOME
  • END
  • PGUP
  • ESC
  • LEFT
  • UP
  • DOWN

Mouse (only supported under X):

  • MOUSE_BTN0 (Left button)
  • MOUSE_BTN1 (Right button)
  • MOUSE_BTN2 (Middle button)
  • MOUSE_BTN3 (Wheel)
  • MOUSE_BTN4 (Wheel)

Joystick (support must be enabled at compile time):

  • JOY_AXIS9_MINUS Commands

You can have a full list of known commands by running “mplayer -input cmdlist”

  • seek (int) val [(int) type=0]Seek to some place in the movie.
    Type 0 is a relative seek of +/- val seconds.
    Type 1 seek to val % in the movie.
  • audio_delay (float) valAdjust the audio delay of val seconds
  • quitQuit MPlayer
  • pausePause/unpause the playback
  • grap_framesSomebody know ?
  • pt_step (int) val [(int) force=0]Go to next/previous entry in playtree. Val sign tell the direction.
    If no other entry is available in the given direction it won’t do anything unless force is non 0.
  • pt_up_step (int) val [(int) force=0]Like pt_step but it jump to next/previous in the parent list. It’s useful to break inner loop in the playtree.
  • alt_src_step (int) valWhen more than one source is available it select the next/previous one (only supported by asx playlist).
  • sub_delay (float) val [(int) abs=0]Adjust the subtitles delay of +/- val seconds or set it to val seconds when abs is non zero.
  • osd [(int) level=-1]Toggle osd mode or set it to level when level > 0.
  • volume (int) dirIncrease/decrease volume
  • contrast (int) val [(int) abs=0]
  • brightness (int) val [(int) abs=0]
  • hue (int) val [(int) abs=0]
  • saturation (int) val [(int) abs=0]Set/Adjust video parameters. Val range from -100 to 100.
  • frame_drop [(int) type=-1]Toggle/Set frame dropping mode.
  • sub_visibilityToggle subtitle visibility.
  • sub_pos (int) valAdjust subtitles position.
  • vobsub_langChange the language of VobSub subtitles.
  • vo_fullscreenSwitch fullscreen mode.
  • tv_step_channel (int) dirSelect next/previous tv channel.
  • tv_step_normChange TV norm.
  • tv_step_chanlistChange channel list.
  • gui_loadfile
  • gui_loadsubtitle
  • gui_about
  • gui_play
  • gui_stop
  • gui_playlist
  • gui_preferences
  • gui_skinbrowser
  • GUI actions


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