Tough a lil’ soldier…

First things first: I’m the new editor on Ruffy’s blog. Nickname’s Sharky, nice to meet you all and I hope we both will make this website more interesting than buying a laptop with Vista.
’nuff o’ dat, let’s skip to some more interesting topics.

What have you been doing all the summer?
Wait, it ain’t finished yet, summer still goin… so what have you done so far, except getting a broom closet to sleep in?

People like to travel. We all do somehow. We imagine the world “there” better, funnier, more interesting, and find our town a piece of crap. But when we move there, just for few days, we realize, that anywhere we are – there’s nothing more interesting to do than watch some good porn.
That’s so boring! Why do some people act like that? Why do some people prefer sitting in the evening, drinking beer, watching TV and arguing who can screw bolts in their car better?

There are lots of interesting places to see everywhere. And I do mean ‘everywhere’. The problem is: who will call a place “interesting”? Depends on the person and – of course – the place. Some find bars more interesting than theatres, some otherwise. Some will call a place “magic” just of the feeling in there – the pozitive vibez, you know what I’m sayin’. Some will call a place good because of memories they have of it… first they have to produce some memories, though.
But nothing – and I mean nothing – is better than chilling with a person you love, listening to Bob Marley and enjoying the exact moment.

I’d like to say that I am very open for any suggestions, topics to talk about and anything, just contact me.
Hope you’ll enjoy my articles.

Bom dia Brasilia!


One thought on “Introduction

  1. Now we got a man to write us some text, unlike those [like me] who knows only copy & paste!
    Everybody hail and welcome the Sharky 😀 \o/

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