You can’t hate utensils

“I hate people who hate umbrellas, they’re everywhere, it’s a common talk. “I hate umbrellas!”, “I’d rather get myself wet than using an umbrella”. Most of those are not referring to the annoyance of having to carry on an umbrella here and there, when it’s not raining anymore, or to the fact that umbrellas are all rubbish and do eventually get overturned. These people don’t hate umbrellas with stamps or people walking around hitting each others faces with the tip of their umbrellas. They pretty much only hate umbrellas. You can’t hate an umbrella! Umbrellas are tools, utensils, you can’t hate tools. You can’t hate pliers, scissors or knives. What kind of asshole would ever hate a knife? “I’d rather torn it with my teeth than using a knife”. You could hate this or that knife brand or people who needlessly use knives, to cut things that — I don’t know, could be cut using the side of the fork. You could hate beggars with knives or people who pass the knife too strongly over the dishes, you could even hate never-sharpened-knives, but, hating knives, all of them, it can’t be this way. Having said that, leave ’em poor umbrellas alone.”

by: Juliana Cunha (Já matei por menos [BLOG])


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