I often think how can you make a product like ED77 EDGE modem.
It commonly happens, that lots of crap is delivered to Europe by chinese in their mules’ stomachs. Portable players, cd-roms, cassette players and TVs, but everything works “like that”, and is sold to villagers 6,99 per kilo.
In the meantime, under control of European Union, few deliverers, with a certificate of quality given by the producer, this modem works with a grace of a trashcan.
While they tell you to pay for it in pure diamonds, rival company offers 10mbps through cable for even less. Ain’t it worth thinking about?
We pay for the biggest crap ever made by human hands, and for the penalty for breaking the agreement you could get yourself a nice airport.
Stability of connection was lost by chinese while climbing over fences somewhere in Russia, connection modules were transformed into a loo before crossing the counter in Poland. Orange bought it for about 3 cents per kilo and now sells it for 120 bucks per month, with a quality of service known as “a shit in the center of Sahara”.
I have no idea where European quality has gone. One thing I know is sure: Poland will never be an European country. We have Rydzyk, which income is worth the whole Africa, and rather than following his Catholic rules and pumping water with his lungpower to Sudan – he cruises around in a Maybach. Which will get cutten to pieces and stolen and the driver kidnapped as soon as he parks somewhere. We have the most selfish and lacking of logic government ever.
The times we’ve been battling and defending our country with patriotic proudness are gone. Times of power, money, bitches and pimpin’ are gone, and all we can do is read about them in our history books.

They will never be back while we sit and scratch our balls thinking where they gone to – we need strong government and agreeable Parliament, to bring this crap back to pieces.



2 thoughts on “EDGE

  1. Hah.. Internet should be made into a country, perhaps if you didn’t like your city/state you could just move over to another IP range, without having to move your own house! They would have to switch the EDGE boats for something more titanic-like, though. Navigating through the rivers of the internet country without a good ship is like a suicide. What if an iceberg shipwrecks your ride????!! o.O
    No, but, seriously now, same problem is seemingly occuring everywhere, cheap chinese products painted with toxic waste, iPhone copies and like… Will they be the first guys exporting goods to the moon????
    It’s times like these we don’t know which is better, living on earth or smoking to the moon 🙂

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