GNOME without its own panel

Hi everybody,

here I am again with a quick tip for those of you willing to replace gnome-panel with something nicer (like Avant Window Navigator, Docky, Cairo Dock, etc.). First of all, we’re gonna need gconf-editor which is easily installable from a terminal (in case you don’t have it already installed on your system) using the command:

sudo apt-get install gconf-editor

After gconf-editor is properly installed it can be launched with the command gconf-editor. Launch it then point to Desktop / gnome / session / required_components. Then just edit the value for of entry named “panel” replacing gnome-panel with any of the dock you prefer (i.e: avant-window-navigator, docky, etc.). An image is worth a thousand words:

In the image above I’m actually demonstrating GNOME with Avant Window Navigator. I’m using AWN as it’s very customizable and, IMHO works better for me than Docky. It’s worth noting that you will no longer have the ability to run programs by hitting ALT+F2 so as a workaround I’m currently using Gnome-Do which is a nice launcher everybody knows about. Log out then log in back again and enjoy the brand new experience 😉


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