Removing metacity’s minimize effect


This is a quick post meant to get my readers up-to-date as to my status on Ubuntu. Maverick Meerkat (Ubuntu 10.10) is out in the wild now and I’m a happy owner of a brand new Dell notebook now (Inspiron 15R), so far everything works out of the box, just like it’s supposed to.

Here’s a quick tip I’m bringing to you from a fellow blogger which will teach you how to disable that silly minimize effect when GNOME is not running compiz. Here’s the deal:

Open up gconf-editor and head to “apps / metacity / general” and disable the key “reduced_resources”.

The action mentioned above will give you kind of a faster desktop by disabling the minimize effect as well as disabling the ability to see windows contents while they’re being resized/moved. However, while moving/resizing the windows one will see something like a grid instead of the window contents. It’s kinda hard to explain exactly how it looks like so, why don’t you just go and see for yourself and let me know what you think about it?

After reading the comments section on Harsh J’s blog I came across a better way of disabling the minimize effect without compromising usability by also disabling the ability to move/resize windows without seeing its contents (for those like me who prefer the old behaviour).

Open up gconf-editor, go to “desktop / gnome / interface” then find the key “enable_animations” and tick its check-box so it’ll be disabled.

Hope to see you guys soon!

*** A little note in Portuguese ***

Estou com preguiça de traduzir esse post pro pt_BR então caso alguem de vocês não entenda do que se trata, basta me pedir que eu o traduzo depois.


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